On this page you’ll find some video samples of our work. Notice the power of the machine with each pass of the cleaning tool and see for yourself an example of what you’ll get with our services.

For our Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning services we use only the top of the line truck mounted & portable equipment available on the market today!

We clean carpet & upholstery for both private homes and offices and have been licensed and insured since 1981.

Carpet Cleaning Demo

We use a “truck mounted steam cleaning process” meaning only the hoses come into your home or office. Your carpets are first sprayed with a good enzyme degreaser and traffic lane cleaner then steam rinsed.

Protective tabs or Styrofoam blocks are placed under furniture legs and drying time is typically 4 to 5 hours. Any additional spotting necessary during the cleaning process is included in the quoted price and the carpets condition has no bearing on cost.

Carpet cleaning pricing is per room and is done either on an “open area” basis, (meaning not moving heavy furniture such as beds dressers & sofas) or as a “wall to wall” meaning moving all furniture.

Sofas and Love seats are priced per linear foot and chairs are per size, recliner, lounger, dinning room chair etc. A good description of each item in need of cleaning is helpful for us to quote you right over the phone.

Please call us today for your free estimate!

Upholstery Cleaning